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  • Agorapp: the recipes app

    Agorapp is a IOS and Android app purposely made for tablets and Ipad. It is featured with an extensive library of contents, sponsors pages, free and paid contents. Key user’s functionalities are: – bookmark of favorite recipes into user’s created folders – ingredients calculator – ingredients hopping list – events calendar – recipes saved/edited by users – multilevels subscriptions
  • Delfino Gym App

    The App travel agency offers a number of features to improve and render immediate service to its customers. The features of the app are: – presentation of the agency – offers list travel with filters search – list of last minute travel in promotion – quote request form – area for storage of travel documents – area contacts and social networks With app agency travel is easy and immediate view all offers of the agency and request custom quotes. The ability to send push messages allows marketers more ‘effective their promotions. Finally, instead of printing uncomfortable travel documents the functionality of sending PDF Summary travel and tickets is very practical and helps to save operating costs. Ask for free additional information on this product, or download the demo version for Android phones directly from this page.
  • Tignale App, Augmented reality app, recognition location based

    Tignale App, is a touristic mobile application featured with Augmented reality location based, to augment visual experience of visiting and sightseeing. The app is featured with: – extensive library of contents – games to learn territory’s secrets – games to learn local recipes and cuisine – AR location based – AR playing videos , images, text The app has been done in both Android and IOS platforms.      
  • Xpanded Technology: Augmented reality app in 3D Unity

    Augmented Reality app image based.

Show all 4 Result