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  • Hotel App: improving your hotel service

    Hotel app has a lot to offer to your hotel clients: book a room page, order from dinner menu, live chat with reception, bar , restaurant, hotel services page, newsletter and events contacts with map
  • SupermarketApp: fully featured app for stores

    SupermarketApp is a fully featured app for all types of stores: sends promotional leaflets, sends categorized discount coupons, imports existing and creates new fidelity cards, posts interactive initiatives that user can subscribe and pay
  • TRAVEL AGENCY APP: stay in contact with your clients

    Travel agency APP is featured with: presentation page, travel offers listing, last minute offers page, documents trip page, request a quote page, contacts...
  • GYM APP: the modern gym management

    GYM APP can be easily customised for any gym as it contains all features needed to run a modern Gym: premises page, our team page, our classes page, user's workout, book a class...
  • SCHOOL APP: to interact with parents

    SCHOOL APP can be easily customised for any school as it contains the following features: food table, premises page, our teachers page, our classes page, classes page, Events and Newsletter page
  • PUB App: bookings, promotions, social groups, events

    PUB App  offers the following functionalities: menu page, booking page, promotions page,  socials groups, events page 


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app templates 353x193

App Templates. Easy solutions for small business.

We offer a wide range of templates for mobile applications. A template can be easily converted into your business mobile application, requiring minimum investment to achieve great solution for several types of business. Whenever you are a final client or an interested partner, app templates costitute a great opportunity to grow your business.

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IT Development Outsourcing

We are an expert and reliable team of developers offering the outsourcing of your projects development. We have an extensive knowledge in many fields.  If your organisation has experienced poor results from oversea outsourcing, it is now time to switch to a higher quality company which is able to ensure those delivery standards your clients are expecting.

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Investing in IT Projects

IT is one of most profitable and fascinating fields to invest in. Our portfolio of projects has plenty of good ideas and solid business basis to leverage, moreover it is mostly concerned with social issues. The common idea is to add value to community and individuals daily life. We welcome any form of investor or partner to join us in our ventures.